Who we are

  • Enterprise Strength

    Our experiences from delivering enterprise solutions to major companies means that your mobile application will be designed and developed to be robust and reliable.
  • Functional Design

    Design isn't just about pushing pixels, design is about how it works. We work with you, and your users, to ensure that we deliver an app that delights, but doesn't get in the way with unnecessary eye candy.

In the Beginning

Angry Pumpkin was founded by Gavin McKenzie, a veteran of commercial software development and enterprise solution delivery. That experience gives Angry Pumpkin a deep understanding of how mobile applications must be an extension of the overall software strategy of a business, and built for security and reliability.

Gavin has a track record of designing and delivering successful software solutions that are used daily by major U.S. banks, utility companies, and pharmaceutical services companies.

Leadership Team Profiles

About Gavin

Gavin's career in the commercial software industry spans over twenty years. He has demonstrated vision and leadership with an ability to communicate and meet goals from an initial concept through all aspects of the software development process. Gavin's vision was realized as the inventor of the XML forms and document publishing technology (XFA) acquired by Adobe and incorporated into Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle enterprise software.

Growing up in the 1980s, Gavin's passion for software development started during the golden age of personal computers. Impatient to work in the software industry, Gavin completed high-school and college while still a teenager, and started his career at a small Ottawa-based software company in 1989. That company went public in 1993 as JetForm Corporation, offering solutions for electronic forms, business process automation, and document generation. JetForm grew into a successful global company, and was acquired in 2002 by Adobe Systems Incorporated. After leaving Adobe in 2005, Gavin formed his own company and worked as an independent contractor delivering Adobe-centric solutions to enterprise customers.

Over the course of his career, in addition to always doing software development, Gavin has excelled in roles as diverse as chief architect and product manager; he is co-inventor on several patents pertaining to Adobe PDF and XML document formats; and, he was a member of the W3C XForms Working Group and Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group.

Recognizing the impact and opportunity initially brought about with the success of the Apple iPhone and iPad, Gavin refocused his business in 2010 to the development of mobile solutions.

Gavin lives in Ottawa with his wife, daughter, and a 150 gallon reef tank populated with a number of tropical fish that watch his every move.

For more information about Gavin, visit gavinmckenzie.com .

About Sarah

Sarah is the owner/operator/attitude of TISK Marketing. As TISK she offers SMB and online marketing expertise, business development support, as well as a general opinion on just about everything to Angry Pumpkin.

After moving to Ottawa in the early 90s, Sarah took on part-time writing and editing contracts while finishing up her masters from University of Toronto. This turned into full-time consulting. A typical consultant, Sarah did not restrict herself to her main focus of writing and editing. Not that she didn't try, really really hard. But clients soon found out she had skills in HTML, websites, and database development. Projects soon ranged from assessing and re-organizing government sites and managing their web content to writing and editing policy briefs for industry and government to developing marketing collateral for high tech. They even let her into the United Nations once as an industry representative attending the Commission on Sustainable Development; proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that she can behave in important situations.

After "taking a break" from her consulting company (aka "mat leave" and "lots of foster kids"), Sarah returned to the working world eager for a change. She accepted a position with Mitel Networks in Ottawa as a Marketing and Communications Manager and morphed that in one year to becoming full-time writer and editor of all of Mitel's internal and external collateral, including their corporate magazine, presence.

But Sarah still craved the craze of small business and the dream of "doing it all". And so in 2008 she joined 4Point, an Adobe enterprise solution partner, as Marketing Manager. There she transformed 4Point's tech-focused world into her very own marketing fiefdom (it's the war she's winning...if not necessarily every battle). In 2010, she was made Director of Marketing and continues to confound the company with her unique presence and completely rational refusal to accept that "geeks" are always right.

In 2011 she realized she still lacked the capacity to say "no" and TISK Marketing was born. TISK is Sarah's night-time and weekend work persona where as TISK, she swoops in and provides marketing attitude, writing, and online marketing support to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Check TISK out at www.tiskmarketing.com.

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