Blog: August 2011

BlackBerry postage stamp

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According to a Canada Post announcement, a series of stamps issued to celebrate Canadian innovations will feature the BlackBerry, alongside the electric oven invented in 1892, and the cardiac pacemaker invented in 1950.

The Canada Post article addresses the challenge of putting the BlackBerry, invented in 1999, in the same collection as much older devices:

How do you depict the genius of Canadian inventions on a stamp? According to q30 inc. senior designer Karen Henricks, "Given that the innovations span such a long timeline - from the oven in 1892 to the modern BlackBerry - our design challenge was to find a way to visually link the four stamps. We chose consistent cropping and angles, as well as a palette of co-ordinated colour tints and type, to tie the stamps together as a series."

Given the challenges facing the BlackBerry as it struggles to compete in this era of iPhone and Android, the product is not well served by appearing alongside devices dating from 1892 and the 1950s. I wonder if RIM was provided an opportunity to influence the stamp design? The desaturated and tinted image of the BlackBerry keyboard unfortunately contributes to the impression of a device from the previous century.


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