What we've done


Angry Pumpkin worked with the StreamGlider team on the development of this innovative iPad app for consuming content from sites and services that include YouTube, Flickr, Google Reader, Twitter, and Facebook.

One of the unique features of StreamGlider is the ability to view and interact with content in a number of different modes: a live animated "Newsreader" mode containing horizontal streams of updating content; a magazine-layout mode; and, a full-screen slideshow mode. StreamGlider is offered in Lite and Pro versions, and is designed for licensing to third-parties.

In addition to developing separate StreamGlider versions and preparing the product for the customization and re-branding necessary when licensing to third-parties, Angry Pumpkin created the technology underlying the magazine-layout mode; including the mechanism for retrieving and extracting the original content of an article, given only the article abstract provided by a news service.


Refills was the first Angry Pumpkin app, designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Refills offers an at-a-glance view of all your meds, and reminds you when they need to be refilled. It automatically tracks medication usage, counting down on quantities and displaying a clear indication of how many days, weeks, or months, remain on each medication

This means that you are not only immediately up-to-date on due dates, but also can plan important trips or vacations with a detailed summary of which meds you need to refill prior to departure. If you forget, the Refills App sends you a quick alert, letting you know a medication is coming up for refill. And you can call your doctor or pharmacy directly from the Refills App on your iPhone.

Great Apps We Can't Talk About

Most of our client work is performed under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at the request of our clients. Sometimes this occurs because our client is also in the business of creating mobile applications and brings Angry Pumpkin onto the project to accelerate the pace of development. Or, Angry Pumpkin may be developing an app for internal use by the client, made available to their employees via enterprise distribution instead of the App Store.

On occasion, a potential client will express disappointment at our unwillingness to "privately" share screenshots or other detail on work we've performed under NDA.

Over the past year, we've worked on four iPad and iPhone projects under NDA. Angry Pumpkin is accustomed to working under NDA, and we take the confidentiality of our clients and their projects seriously. The only apps that will ever appear on our portfolio page are apps where the client has specifically granted permission for disclosure (such as StreamGlider), or apps we've created under our own Angry Pumpkin brand.

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