What we do

  • Design & Development

    Mobile apps are more than a pretty design. Success depends on reliable code and focused functionality. We fight for every facet of a great app at Angry Pumpkin.
  • Architecture

    Choose the right technologies and trade-offs to contain costs and meet your "Version 1.0" goals. We make sure your first version stays firmly planted within your vision for future growth with a long-term development strategy.
  • Integration

    Successfully integrating mobile apps with enterprise systems, web services, databases, and content repositories requires a set of skills and experience beyond typical mobile app development. And it's what we do best.
  • Consultation

    We don't shy away from in-house app development and can complement your existing team to push your development pace or address specific needs. We can even help you create a deployment and support strategy.

Design & Development

Your users expect your app to be easy to use and still meet their needs. They've got a low tolerance for things not working, or features that get in the way of their goal.

At Angry Pumpkin we've built business solutions for a long time. We know that you need this app to work, and you need your users to like it. Your business rests on it. Your decision to build an app isn't an exercise in what's new or cool, it's a real-world app that must deliver the goods for customer growth and business success.

At Angry Pumpkin we're serious about app development for enterprise. Our team will give you the app your users want, and the app your business needs.

Solution Architecture

Performance, reliability, and security should never be afterthoughts, even if it's "just" a mobile app. In the domain of enterprise solutions, a sound software architecture ensures you build the features you need today, while it lays the groundwork for the features you'll need tomorrow.

The founder of Angry Pumpkin has deep experience architecting production systems and commercial software offerings used daily at major corporations, including banks.

Designing a good architecture even before the first line of code is written can help make your app a success. We will work with you to produce a solution architecture that treats your app as an extension of your existing enterprise software needs.


Delivering new, fresh ways for your customers to reach you isn't that complicated. Making it work with your existing infrastructure though is something else entirely.

Odds are your mobile app is customer facing. To give real value to both you and your customers, it needs to link up with the rest of your business. Whether it's to share account information from your back-end systems, push new data to your CRM, or simply let your customers know the latest deals in real-time, your app shouldn't just speak to your customers: you need it to let your customers speak to you.

Angry Pumpkin has over 20 years of experience working with enterprise systems, and making them talk to each other. We're kinda like software therapists.


Everyone needs help sometimes. Angry Pumpkin doesn't judge. We're here to help. We can offer our services to complement your team during the any stage of your mobile app development effort.

Years of consulting experience in large enterprise means that we can step in and get up-to-speed quickly, often delivering the fresh insight necessary to kickstart a team's inner creativity, or help successfully wrestle a particularly knotty problem. Add on our integration experience or take advantage of our iOS development capabilities. It's your choice.

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